From the curiosity and passion for the technology evolution of two technicians, the company has been founded in 1981 with the mission to create innovation for the amusement ride manufacturers. Auxel today is a well-known by every Italian amusement ride manufacturer and it is considered the absolute leader in this field.

From the initial projects and realizations focused on electrical parts for plane rides, trains, power blocks for mini and midi scooters, Auxel develops, produces and assists all major rider realizes by the different OEM manufacturers. The whole project development is carried out in a partnership with the ride OEM manufacturers starting from the design phase up to the final most convenient solution. In every job done you can find elements that constitute traces of Auxel’s history and experiences: the implementation of the most recent and reliable technologies, that consequently improves the ride itself in regards to safety, is the driven guideline of the company.

Today Auxel can automize and improve, with success and with great satisfaction on the customer’s side, every amusement ride, that can be either new or old. Every project in Auxel is carried out keeping in mind three fundamental pillars: innovation, safety and cost effectiveness. We can assist and help our clients to adapt designs and calculations to particular necessities. Since every amusement ride is like a tailor-made suits, our solution and products must be absolutely flexible for matching our wishes, requirements and expectations.

The quality of our products and services is our main concern since we are dealing with people’s safety. Upon request we can certified UL/CSA our electrical cabinets and several products. We keep all Auxel’s engineers well trained about standards applied in foreign countries. Therefore, we can guarantee the perfect functioning of our solutions wherever you need to deliver your rides.

Auxel produces automation for every kind of ride category:

  • Kiddie rides: plane ride, round about ride and track rides.
  • Family rides: bumper cars, merries go round, trains water riders, monorails and family swingers.
  • Major rides: roller coaster, disko coasters, inverted coasters, swinging rides, towers, saltamontes, giant discoveries and giant wheels.