With a solid experience in the automation field, Auxel guarantees and offers a wide range of flexible options focused on the general industry with the aim to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing processes, modernize aging equipment, or design new tailor-made solutions.

Whether you need a single system or full plant automation, our engineering team of is capable to study and design automation and control architectures that includes:

  • full electrical and automation project designs;
  • in house manufacturing of electrical powering and control panels;
  • software development on PLCs and HMI with SCADAs;
  • in house testing before shipment;
  • supervision on site during commissioning steps.

Above Auxel’s expertise has been already realized and proven in different general industrial sectors such as heavy industry, food and beverage, railways, cooling, tanning and packaging. Furthermore, SAFETY is our core inspiration in order to reduce the danger level of personnel that operate with the machineries. Auxel acts as a global consultant for the development of the safety functions, supporting in risk analysis and in writing documentation for certification of third-party inspection bodies.